About Us


We’re a sales and marketing business. We work with financial, marketing and professional services firms who want to attract more of their ideal clients, faster.

We’ve presented workshops for and delivered our programs to over 150 businesses over the last six years, from start ups to some of the Westpac, NEC and ANZ businesses. Our clients enjoy higher levels of new, repeat and referral business.

We hate seeing businesses miss out on the clients they deserve…we love helping them get these clients by providing practical, easy to implement strategies which leave them feeling in more control of the future prosperity of their business.


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Our Values

  • Delivering value: We focus on your priorities.
  • Generosity: We give our time & knowledge generously.
  • Reliability: We do what we say we will.
  • Results: We guarantee ‘more ideal clients, faster.’
  • Fun: We deliver an enjoyable experience which is easy to participate in.


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