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How Business Really Works: Does Your Sales Message Work For or Against You? With Nathan Williams

What’s your sales message? Is your pitch turning prospects away? On this episode of AmCham’s How Business Really Works podcast host Duff Watkins discusses why a great pitch or message is more important than ever with guest Nathan Williams.

Nathan Williams holds a Master of Management from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and presents regularly for industry groups, associations and CEO networks. Nathan’s workshops are practical and tactical, delivering easy to implement skills so participants can benefit immediately.

Founder and Managing Director of Customer Return, Nathan has won Pitch competitions and coaches start – ups through to corporates such as Westpac on how to communicate their value and get more ideal clients.

On this episode you will hear how a poor sales message or pitch can actually deprive you of the clients that you really want to have, you’ll learn how to structure a winning sales presentation and you’ll see different situations/examples where you can use your pitch effectively once perfected. To view the podcast recorded live select this link.

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