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1. We are aware of what clients specifically value most about our service. Our Pitch is supported by and aligned with independent client research.

2. When someone asks me, 'So…what do you do?'...I have a compelling 10 second answer which grabs their attention and leads to them asking ' do you do that?'

3. I capture people's interest when describing our services or during a 60 second 'Pitch' by outlining how our service directly solves their problems/meets their needs.

4. I have a clear understanding of the nine points I should address during a one on one meeting that covers information about me, what I do and how it benefits clients.

5. We have a defined sales process which works. Our Pitch, sales questions and product offering generates a good volume of leads & our conversion rates are over 50%.

6. We have a specific 'Referral Question' which makes our message easy to share with others. We average 1 referral per client per year.

7. Our Pitch is a point of difference which resonates with our ideal clients & is consistently communicated across our website, social media channels, marketing material etc.