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1. We conduct an independent, phone based Client Satisfaction Campaign every 12 months. We use the campaign & the research outcomes to help convert prospects, retain clients & generate referrals.

2. We understand why prospective & inactive clients may not have bought from us...& why they may have left us. We know what we need to do to generate more business.

3. We have a clear value proposition that encapsulates what’s most important to our clients & referral partners. This helps us to attract & retain the right clients.

4. We understand with which clients, when & how to talk about referrals in a way that makes our business & clients feel comfortable. We average 1 referral per client per year.

5. By explaining our referral process, documenting client feedback & service standards, we minimise the 'referral risk' which clients & referral partners might otherwise feel.

6. We plant the 'referral seed' & clearly outline that we welcome referrals on our website, in our marketing collateral & during meetings.

7. We are easy to refer to – our referral partners understand who, when, why & how to best refer to our business. We average 1 referral/month from each referral partner.