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1. We have a defined sales process which works. Our pitch, sales questions and service offering generates a good volume of leads & our conversion rates are over 50%.

2. We have a documented sales & marketing strategy we review every 3 months to ensure its continued effectiveness.

3. We have specific client retention, cross sell & lead generation activities in place which maximise levels of new & repeat business.

4. We have a 'Client Journey Map' we use to guide our service delivery which helps retain our ideal clients & trigger referrals.

5. We have a sales funnel which includes different prices and service offerings, making us easy to buy from & easy to refer.

6. We research what our clients & referral partners specifically value most about our service & use this to attract & retain our ideal clients.

7. We have a referral process which makes our message easy to share. We average 1 referral per client per year & 1 referral/month from each referral partner.