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Nathan delivers keynote presentations, workshops and webinars for industry groups, associations and CEO networks on the topics of Pitch, Referrals and Sales.

Recent presentations include:


The Perfect Pitch

You do great work, but if you can’t clearly communicate your value you won’t get the ideal clients you deserve.

You will learn:

Why a great pitch or message is now more important than ever.

Common message mistakes which keep businesses from attracting new clients.

How to structure your message so you’re easy to buy from and to refer.


The Seven Steps to Securing Quality Referrals

90% of clients say they’ll refer, but only 10% actually do…how do you close the ‘referral gap?’

You will learn:

Where businesses go wrong in asking for referrals.

How, when and with which clients to have a referral conversation with.

How to educate clients and referral partners so they understand who, when, how and why to refer to your business.


Getting the Clients you Want

It’s a competitive market, how do you stand out and attract the clients you want?

You will learn:

A sales process which differentiates you from your competitors and attracts your ideal clients.

Service strategies which drive more repeat and referral business.

How to position yourself in the market to attract more of your ideal clients.


Life's a Pitch. Learn more about the Perfect Pitch.

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